Fun facts about the band

Fun facts about the band

"The Barenaked Ladies had 7 original albums, 1 live album and a greatest hits album."

Did you know that the band ‘Cowboy Mouth’ opened up for the Bare Naked Ladies in 1999? The concert was at the New York world theater and it nearly sold out. Since then, there has been little information as to what became of the opening band.

One of the band members of The Bare Naked Ladies also appeared in the sitcom ‘Two guys, a girl and a pizza place’. They played a character that had lost his job at the pizza place and was on search for a new one. It was only that one appearance on the sitcom, and it was their only television time they ever had other than their concerts that were aired.

The band member Kevin Hearn was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after the band ceased. He went through extensive treatment and his determination and strength got him through it. He has now recovered and is doing well.

Andy, a former member of the band, still works on solo projects with his brother Jim. While they have yet to publish anything they have written, it is just an activity they enjoy doing together and are not trying to make a living from it.

The band began performing in 1992 and didn’t break up until the year of 2001. During that time, The Barenaked Ladies had 7 original albums, 1 live album and a greatest hits album. The greatest hits album was released shortly before their retirement and featured a 2-disc set of all of their most popular songs and a few of the bands favorites.